Volunteer in Jodhpur (Urban Site)


Volunteers are always welcome at Sambhali Trust and always needed. Since the volunteers are a big part of the organization there are lots of ways to take action and engage yourself in Sambhalis goal of changing womens life for the better. In the following you will find discriptions of all the roles at Sambhali Trust.

Most volunteers who come to Sambhali Trust choose to help with teaching the women and children who come to our empowerment centres and our newly formed primary education centres. Together with the tutor for each centre, the volunteers will teach basic English and Maths, whilst the tutor will teach Hindi to make sure that all students are literate. She also teaches the new incoming students to assess their ability. Teaching takes place in small groups and the tutor is always available to help with translation. White boards are used for classes and visual aids are used to provide the weekly educational workshops. Classes take place for 2-3 hours per day, 5 days per week. Most volunteers will take on 2 projects, teaching both sets of students in the same day, but still leaving time for preparation.

Empowerment Centres
Primary Education Centres
Boarding Homes
Sewing Studio and Boutique
Volunteer Co-ordinator
No Bad Touch Project
Aadarsh Project


Sambhali Trust will assist volunteers with finding accomodation. Please discuss details when applying to volunteer. Our volunteer coordinator will advise volunteers on where to stay but expected costs are: non air-con room single 32,000rps, shared 22,000rps, four shared 15,000rps including three meals a day, drinking water, picking up and dropping from Jodhpur airport, shared refrigerator and washing machine.


For all work roles, it is recommended that you bring the following items with you:

  • Laptop - lesson preparation, reports, admin etc.
  • a few ‘nice’ outfits for events
  • If you would like to bring gifts, teaching materials, books, games, stationary or small toys, they are all appreciated, although it is possible to buy things like this in Jodhpur.

Clothes: don’t worry about buying ‘Indian’ clothes before hand - there will be someone who can help you look for things here in Jodhpur at very low prices.
As a general note, girls are required to dress more conservatively, and therefore packing clothes that cover shoulders, legs and torso would help.

In order for the girls to have continuity and to ensure that your work can ammend to something and really make a difference you should at least plan on spending two months with the Trust.

With any further questions, please feel free to approach founder of Sambhali Trust Mr. Govind Singh Rathore: info@sambhali.org