Empowerment Centres

There are about 30 women and teenage girls in each of the 8 centres in Jodhpur, who have little or no education. The teenage girls may have dropped out of school to look after their siblings, or may not have attended at all. These centres help to provide a good general education, (in addition to basic English, Hindi and Maths), by providing 10 core workshops in a variety of topics, from Women’s Health and Nutrition to Politics and Geography. All these workshops (and more!) are on Google Drive, accessible on arrival to Sambhali. In addition volunteers are encouraged to provide a variety of extra workshops that they have expertise in eg Drama, Photography and specific medical knowledge. Workshops in basic computer skills are also given by volunteers (using a stock of donated laptops). Volunteers are expected to provide a monthly report on each centre as well as preparing monthly tests to monitor progress.

The students attend a 12-month course, the emphasis on providing them with a broad education including a vocational training in Sewing & Embroidery, so that they may go on to attend school after they leave or use their newly-acquired sewing skills at home to earn themselves an income, sewing garments for people in their community, for which business skills workshops are also provided. Our aim is to provide all those students who graduate with a sewing machine that they can use at home.