Boarding Homes

Sheerni Educational Project (Boarding Home)
Sambhali Trust has 2 boarding homes for young girls who come from the rural desert area surrounding Setrawa, 110km west of Jodhpur. The aim is to provide these girls with a good education until 12th standard (final year at school) to enable them to reach their potential and have better opportunities. The girls generally return home during the school holidays.

This was established in May 2012 for 22 girls aged 6-15 years old. They live in a family-run boarding home and attend a good local school. Volunteers visit the girls for 3-4 hours every afternoon (Monday-Friday) to provide extra tuition in English and Maths, weekly educational workshops dependant on age (girls divided into 2 age groups) and sports/outdoor activities. Educational trips are encouraged once a month and volunteers accompany them on a 4-day trip provided each May.

Laadli Boarding Home
Newly-opened in April 2017, this accommodates 20 girls aged 6-12 years old and is near to the Sheerni Educational Project, the girls attending the same local school. The Housemother and cook live-in, whilst a tutor visits 6 days a week. Similarly to the Sheerni home, volunteers will provide extra tuition in English and Maths as well as workshops and sports activities. From April – July 2017, the girls are settling in to their new home, establishing a new routine, having medical check-ups, vaccinations and learning health and hygiene routines. The new term starts on 1 July after their summer holidays.