UN consultant status

Sambhali Trust has been granted

Special Consultative Status

by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations on 23 July 2015.
Principles governing the nature of consultative arrangements
(taken from ECOSOC resolutions 1996)

Sambhali Trust Consultative Status Document [158 KB] [158 KB]

"Decisions on arrangement for consultation should be guided by the principle that consultative arrangements are to be made, on the one hand, for the purpose of enabling the Council or one of its bodies to secure expert information and advice from organisations having special competence in the subjects for which consultative arrangements are made and on the other hand, to enable international, regional, sub-regional and national organisations that represent important elements of public opinion to express their views."

This allows Sambhali Trust to:

  • Designate official representatives to the UN Headquarters in New York, the UN offices in Geneva and Vienna. We will be able to register for and participate in events, conferences and activities of the United Nations.
  • Sambhali Trust can provide a Written Statement (of 500 words, as so designated for those organisations with 'Special' status). These statements are relevant to the work of the Council on subjects in which Sambhali Trust has special competence.
  • Sambhali Trust may provide an Oral Statement to the UN, which has been recommended to the Council by the ECOSOC Committee. Only one oral presentation may be made.
  • Commissions and other subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC be consulted by Sambhali Trust and such consultations can be arranged at the request of Sambhali Trust.
  • A commission of ECOSOC may recommend that Sambhali Trust with an area of special competence in a particular field undertakes studies or investigations or prepare papers for commission.
  • Use of UN facilities including arrangement of informal discussions and use of the UN libraries.

Calling all post-graduate students!

We have been very honored to have received "Special" Consultative Status by ECOSOC, which enables Sambhali Trust to put forward a "written statement" and/or "an oral statement" to the UN Council. We would therefore welcome any post-graduate students who would like to study a particular area of research related to Sambhali's mission to empower women and children in Rajasthan to take up this opportunity by promoting the cause of gender inequality and the many complex issues arising from this. A written statement would need to be a maximum of 500 words and the theme would be guided by the work that Sambhali Trust is doing together with highlighting issues that require a voice.

Examples of statements written to the UN council are below:

This second one is more relevant, as it concerns India and is written by an NGO with special consultative status (same as Sambhali) although in their document of conditions they say that an NGO such as Sambhali should only write a statement of 1500 words.

If you are interested in taking up this challenge and making a real leap to help change in Rajasthan, please contact Govind Singh Rathore, Managing Trustee at info@sambhali-trust.org.

Sambhali Trust statement 2017 session

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