Sambhali Studio

Sambhali Studio is the sewing centre for graduates of our empowerment centres. Initially established in 2009 for the very first graduates, it provides 29 women with paid employment by producing hand-made items for the Sambhali Boutique, which itself has been running since 2010. The women use the skills they have gained during their vocational training and produce block-printed scarves, hand-made and embroidered toys, clothes, bags and accessories. Former students are employed to manage the Boutique and become supervisors of the centres. The women also receive national and international orders through our Boutique catalogue.

Staff and volunteers work closely to ensure a good standard of work is produced and quality control before items are posted to customers. This enterprise has provided these women with a good steady income for several years, helping them to provide a better life for themselves and their children. Younger graduates have been able to develop and mature into independent women, being given valuable time to discuss their opinions and their personal concerns with their colleagues on a daily basis. They have been able to defer marriage until a later date with their parents seeing how their daughters have gained financially as well as socially from their employment. These younger women have a greater chance of having an equal relationship with their husbands in the fight for gender equality and also to demonstrate this with their own children in the future.

More women are attending each year for further training to refine their skills in preparation for producing items for sale.

Interviews with all Sambhali Studio women