Sambhali Primary Education Centres

Sambhali Abhaya Primary Education Centre
Sambhali Fatima Primary Education Centre
Sambhali Jodhpur Primary Education Centre
Sambhali Laadli Primary Education Centre

For a long time, Sambhali has been running the Setrawa Empowerment Centre, which is mainly (although not exclusively) tutoring young children in Hindi, English and Maths in conjunction with their school studies and preparing those children for school who have not received any education. As part of a new focus on Primary Education for young children, Sambhali Trust has created 4 further Primary Education Centres (PECs) in Jodhpur for young children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old with the aim to deliver a good basic level education to enable them to attend a local school. They have 2 tutors and 2 volunteers in each centre who will provide general knowledge workshops in addition to the basic core subjects.

These children are mainly those of the mothers attending the empowerment centres and are just running around the streets, doing menial jobs to earn a little money, or looking after their younger brothers and sisters. This provides them with the space to be able to develop their learning abilities such as concentration and basic literacy before applying to the local schools in 12/18 months-time, depending on their ability.

These centres are all attached to the existing Women’s Empowerment Centres at Shakti, Laadli, Fatima and Abhaya Centres in Jodhpur and each centre will take between 30-40 girls and boys.