Sambhali No Bad Touch Project


This project was established in June 2013 in order to educate the community and raise awareness about child sexual abuse in Jodhpur and the surrounding districts. Sambhali Trust is the first organisation to address the issue of child sexual abuse openly within the city of Jodhpur.

To approach this sensitive issue, we have two main plans of action:

-To hold regular conferences for local government agencies and community leaders to encourage them to take action to prevent child sexual abuse.

-To establish prevention and education programmes around the topic of child sexual abuse.

We provide workshops to children in local schools that have been developed by a local psychologist, Dr Reena Bhansali MSc, Smile Junction, Jodhpur, in conjunction with Sambhali interns studying psychology at university and overseen by our European donors. It is a playful but effective way the children are taught how to keep safe from inappropriate touch and that it is important to speak up rather than to suffer in silence. Over 3000 children per year attend these workshops. In addition we hold workshops to educate parents and teachers.