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Sambhali Boutique, located in the centre of Jodhpur, provides an outlet for the clothes, accessories and handicraft items produced by the women in our Sambhali Graduates’ Sewing Centre. We have a rigorous quality control procedure for every item produced in the Sewing Centre, ensuring that only products of exceptional quality are sold within our Boutique.

Our merchandise includes a variety of Indian and Western-style garments, silk and cotton camels and elephants, block-printed scarves, a selection of shoulder bags, and many other items, each one handmade and unique in their own special way.

Sambhali Trust is a non-profit organisation, so any profit accrued from the sales of items through the Boutique, after paying for raw materials, wages, and shop overheads, go directly back into the organisation supporting its many projects, helping to make the organisation self-sustainable.

We feel very fortunate that a number of our international volunteers have been skilled dress makers, meaning our graduates had the opportunity to learn how to produce western style garments. As every product is hand-made, orders can be customised to accommodate the customers specific wants and needs, with variations in colour, fabric and style easily possible.

We have created a catalogue of the items we produce, although the availability of fabrics will vary. We can provide digital photos of the fabrics available at the time of purchase (over email), and offer a variety of alternatives. As we are a small organisation, production time is dependent on the other orders the women are working on, but we will always strive to fulfil each order as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining the quality and individuality of each product. Wholesale prices are available on request.

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