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Volunteer in Jodhpur (Urban Site)


Volunteers are always welcome at Sambhali Trust and always needed. Since the volunteers are a big part of the organization there are lots of ways to take action and engage yourself in Sambhalis goal of changing womens life for the better.
In the following you will find discriptions of all the roles at Sambhali Trust.

Being a teacher of English and Maths at Sambhali Trusts Empowerment Centres is the most in demand role. The teaching here is quite basic and does not require a high level of English or Maths, so don't worry about not being able to speak English fluently. There is always a way to communicate with the women and girls at your center as well as the local staff. Furthermore, there is no need for teaching experience, you are most welcome to learn with us. Teaching at Sambhali is not comparable with any classroom situation you have encountered so far. Classes consists of four to ten students each and are more similar to tuition for friends. As a teacher, you will teach at each centre for roughly two hours each day, five days a week which leaves time for lesson preparation. Additionally, there will be weekly conducted workshops at each center about women's issues and health. Politics and geography are also discussed and you are welcome to think of a topic yourself, creating a workshop on your own. It will also be necessary to prepare twice monthly tests and monthly reports about your centres so that Sambhali can monitor the progress of your students.

Empowerment Centers
Sambhali Trust is a need based organization and for its sustainability it is highly necessary to have at least one volunteer at each center all the time. Therefore you might not be able to choose the empowerment center you will be working at. No matter where you end up, your students will appreciate you being there, making it possible for them to widen their horizons. There are six different Empowerment Centers, located all over Jodhpur: Laadli Empowerment Centre, Shakti Empowerment Centre, Jodhpur Empowerment Centre, Brothers for Sisters, Sisters for Sisters and Abivyakti Empowerment Center. Each one is unique and wonderful as you will come to see once you've spent some time here. The Centers are not only visited by women but by girls as well, so you might find a twelve years old girl sitting next to a 43 years old woman, learning maths together. Apart from the Empowerment Centers there are two projects that are children orientated: Sambhali Sambhal and Boarding Home. At Sambhal the children's age ranges from three to fifteen years, while the Boarding home houses about twenty girls aged seven to sixteen.

An administrative role would require the volunteer to have an understanding of Microsoft Word and Excell, and while there is no specific job description, there is plenty of work. For the Trust it is good to have some volunteers involved in administration that can support the local staff in computer knowledge as well as PR, fundraising and raising awareness for the Trust in order to help us approach the problems we are trying to decrease.Concerning the PR related work the monthly newsletter, Sambhali's Blog and Sambhali's social pages as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram need to be focused on.
You also have the possibility to offer your own ideas for campaigns or get active in working for Sambhali's UN Cooperation.

There are two sewing centers filled with graduates from our program. They are making products for the Sambhali Boutique and even overseas clients.
We highly value volunteers with previous sewing or design experience that could potentially take on a sewing teaching role within these centres and help evolve our catalogue.

Volunteer Coordinator
Sambhali has a lot of volunteers coming and going, which requires someone to integrate new volunteers to the organisation. It is important to have someone to approch with any questions or problems that might occur during your stay. However, it is not possible to do this in a short period of time. As mentioned above you need to know your way around the organization so only a volunteer being at Sambhali for a longer time is capable of doing this job.

No Bad Touch
The No Bad Touch Project is basically prevention work for child sexual abuse. Together with Vimlesh Solanki, one of the local staff, workshops are often conducted in schools or other institutions to raise awareness and to teach children how to keep safe. This would be suited to someone who would be open to speak about this and also have the confidence to speak in front of audiences. Getting involved in this project makes more sense when staying at Sambhali for a longer time.

Sundays volunteers need to cover two shifts at the Sambhali Boutique. It is open from 10 am to 7 pm. It involves dealing with customers, not just selling products but giving information about the organization as well. On your first shift someone will accompany you, showing you around and explaining where to find everything.


Sambhali Trust is based and run from Durag Niwas Guesthouse in the Raikabagh neighbourhood of Jodhpur. This guesthouse is handled by owner Govind’s wife Mukta, and it is here that you, and all the other volunteers, will be staying whilst working for Sambhali. You will have the choice between a shared, single sex room (Rs 22,000 per month) or a private single room (Rs 32,000 per month) incl. three warm meals, drinking water, linen, towels, picking up and dropping on arrival and departure from Jodhpur, complimentary laundry machine available, iron board, refrigerator and house kitchen. - A/C is available at an extra monthly cost. Your rent is inclusive of three meals per day, 7 days a week and consists of a Western breakfast e. g. omelette, fruit salad, toast - and a (generally) Indian lunch and dinner, in a self service style. There is unlimited wifi, a laundry and room cleaning service available, free of charge, and a sports complex right next to the guesthouse with a running track, swimming pool and badminton courts (the complex is in no way linked to the guesthouse and therefore certain costs will apply).

There are always family members, guesthouse staff and other volunteers around to help you and due to the relaxed atmosphere, it is more than easy to form friendships with everyone and find your own routine.


For all work roles, it is recommended that you bring the following items with you:
- Laptop - lesson preparation, reports, admin etc.
- A few ‘nice’ outfits for events
- If you would like to bring gifts teaching materials, books, games, stationary or small toys, they are all appreciated, although it is possible to buy things like this in Jodhpur.

Clothes: don’t worry about buying ‘Indian’ clothes before hand - there will be someone who can help you look for things here in Jodhpur at very low prices.
As a general note, girls are required to dress more conservatively, and therefore packing clothes that cover shoulders, legs and torso would help.

In order for the girls to have continuity and to ensure that your work can ammend to something and really make a difference you should at least plan on spending two months with the Trust.

With any further questions, please feel free to approach founder of Sambhali Trust Mr. Govind Singh Rathore: rathore.jodhpur@gmail.com