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Sambhali Trust

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Sambhali Scholarship Project

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.“ Nelson Mandela

Although various articles of the Indian Constitution provide for education as a fundamental right, India continues to face stern challenges in this area. Despite growing investment in education, 25% of its population is still illiterate, only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7%,of these graduate.

In Jodhpur in particular, the literacy rate is only 51.83% for females and 79% for males, meaning many girls and boys are lacking basic education. Without basic literary skills, they will find it almost impossible to support themselves long term, and will struggle to access health services and government aid. Education is the only means of ensuring that they can care for their families in the future and pursue their goals.

The Sambhali Scholarship Project was set up to support children from poorer backgrounds whose parents couldn’t afford a private education. Through individual sponsorship, 112 girls and boys are now able to gain a quality education in private schools in Jodhpur and Setrawa village. For 8 of these children, this will be their first form of education, even though some are over 12 years old.

All participants of the Scholarship Project are enrolled in a school located close to their homes and attend for 4 hours every day, Monday to Saturday. They are educated in a broad range of topics including English, Maths, Science, General Knowledge, and Social Studies (Geography, History and Civics). From the 1st standard they are taught computing skills and from the 6th standard they are taught Sanskrit.

In order to provide for their education, each child requires 14.500 Rs (approx. € 220/ US$ 237 /GBP 160) a year to cover uniforms, books, school supplies, tuition, and transportation to and from school.

To support them throughout their education, we are hoping for sponsors for the upcoming year. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or would like more information, please contact us over phone or email.

Please click on the Profiles tab for background information on some of our sponsored children.