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Sambhali Setrawa 2 Primary Education Centre

“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.”
Mother Teresa

The Sambhali Shanti Empowerment Center in Setrawa, funded by Sambhali Austria, was inaugurated in May 2014. It provides basic education, health & hygiene and sewing skills for women.

In the village of Setrawa, just over 100km from Jodhpur, the Sambhali Setrawa (2) Primary Education Centre lives amidst the desert. This centre, for women and children of low castes, seeks to educate and empower, giving the students vital skills that would not be available to them if the Centre was not there. Still in the first year of existence, the students of the centre have made unbelievable progress. The standard of English has risen significantly while crucial understanding of Maths, Hindi and hygiene has been provided. The enthusiasm of everyone involved in the Centre is second-to-none; the students are extremely excited to learn new things and always do so with smiles on their faces.

The village is isolated; while this will might be a problem for some, it is a real advantage for others. You are surrounded by desert, peacocks and camels wander past your front door and a clear sky lies above you, showcasing thousands of stars throughout the night. It is a beautiful place. Many will thrive in this setting, the oneness with the surroundings, the distance from technology, the tranquility and the feeling of true community will lure you in to the village wholeheartedly. It is a completely unique experience which, coupled with the opportunity to contribute valuable education to the village, makes Setrawa Shanti an extremely worthwhile project.