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Sambhali SOS Service

Mission Statement

Sambhali aims to provide an Emergency Medical and Legal Support Service which helps women (and their families) throughout Rajasthan, who are unable to afford emergency medical treatment or legal representation.

Through the Emergency Provision Fund, we aim to provide emergency support in cases of critical need; this may cover emergency medical care, diagnosis, emergency medication, ambulance transport, emergency shelter accommodation and other similar critical expenses. The aim is to provide critical needs assistance and once the situation has stabilised the person is transferred if necessary to Government services or other suitable organisations operating in Jodhpur. This would include medical conditions such as tuberculosis and long-term medical treatments such as kidney dialyses and HIV medication which Sambhali would provide for in the short-term (up to 3 months treatment) after which another organisation providing these same facilities and treatments would need to be found in Jodhpur, (Government hospitals/clinics or NGOs).

The Legal Support Fund would be available to pay for legal costs in matters of divorce, for those suffering from or at risk of domestic abuse, forced marriage and similar situations, who are unable to afford to pay for legal expenses.

The Nirbhaya HelpLine is a Toll-Free HelpLine, established in 2014 which covers the whole of Rajasthan and is available 10.00am-7.00pm. A member of Sambhali’s staff will be able to offer advice and counselling on issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse as well as providing help with medical emergencies and legal support. We can arrange an appointment with our staff and provide links to other organisations offering more specialised help. Callers living around Jodhpur can be helped directly and those from other cities in Rajasthan are directed to other suitable local services.

Applications for funding emergency treatment and legal support are considered on a case by case basis and is only provided for those who are unable to afford the costs themselves. The Project Co-ordinator will assess the presenting need of the person, obtain a recommendation by a medical consultant or take legal advice and use financial criteria set by Sambhali Trust to ascertain the required level of financial support Sambhali can provide.