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Sambhali No Bad Touch Project

The No Bad Touch Project was set up in order to educate the community and raise awareness about child sexual abuse in Jodhpur and the surrounding districts. Sambhali Trust is the first organisation to address the issue of child sexual abuse openly within the city of Jodhpur.

To approach this sensitive issue, we have two main plans of action:
- To hold frequent workshops for local governmental agencies and community leaders to encourage them to take action to prevent child sexual abuse.
- To establish prevention and education programmes around the topic of child sexual abuse. We have three different types of workshops for this purpose:

  • The 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' workshop, based on Dr. Bhooshan Shukla’s No Bad Touch conversation (Source: http://nobadtouch.com/) is held by Sambhali Trust in local schools and children’s homes. In a playful but effective way the children are taught how to keep safe from inappropriate touch and that it is important to speak up rather than to suffer in silence.
  • The 'Personal Bodyguard' workshop developed by Sambhali Trust is held as a follow up workshop to the 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' workshop. We teach specific life skills to encourage the development of a strong self. This workshop is designed to ensure that any suffering from traumatic experiences is greatly reduced.
  • In addition, we hold training programs for parents so they are able to repeat the 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' workshop with the children every six months.
These workshops and training programs will serve to educate the community about the reality of child sex abuse, and its prevalence within Indian society. Sambhali will also offer a refuge centre for local families whose children have experienced sexual abuse.

Established on June 12th 2013, this project is still in the beginning stages of development. The first No Bad Touch workshop was held in collaboration with the Child Welfare Committee in Jodhpur on July 17, 2013, with over 50 community leaders and dignitaries in attendance. The workshop was possible thanks to a generous donation by ARC UNSW, a student group from the University of New South Wales, Australia. As a result, Sambhali has received many offers from local leaders to help fight child sexual abuse in this community. Local families whose children have been abused have also come forward for help after seeing articles in the newspaper about the workshop.

Sambhali is currently seeking opportunities to hold more workshops for adults and children. We would also like to provide free services for children who have suffered abuse, and their families.

Sambhali Help-Line for Children Suffering from Sexual Abuse

Also in the pipeline, is the establishment of a special phone line within Sambhali offices: the 'Sambhali Help-Line for Children Suffering from Sexual Abuse'. Children can call this phone-line and speak openly and anonymously to a professional, to help relieve some of the isolation and confusion they feel about what is happening to them. Sambhali will use its network and resources to provide help for these children and their families, by connecting them with doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and other professionals, who can offer guidance and work for their justice.

We are currently seeking funding for the No Bad Touch Project and the Help-Line, which will enable us to to continue this important work full time. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this cause.