Central Services

Shyama Tanwar

General Secretary

Shyama is the general secretary and office coordinator at Sambhali and has become an indispensable part of the team since she joined in at the beginning of 2015. Her role covers all areas of administration, including staff coordinator, accounting and day to day admin.

With a BA in administration, Sanskrit and education, Shyama came to Sambhali following over 20 years spent teaching Hindi and Sanskrit. She was initially attracted to her role at Sambhali as she wanted to become more involved with humanitarian and social work – indeed this is now her favourite part of the job. Shyama is 53 years old.

Vimlesh Solanki


Vimlesh has been working with Sambhali Trust since 2011 in a variety of roles and has become a great asset to the Trust. She has been a Hindi tutor in several Empowement Centres, currently is the Manager of our No Bad Touch Programme from its inception in 2014 - providing workshops to schools on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse; a counsellor in the SOS project; manager of the Scholarship Programme - overseeing nearly 200 children attend local schools and also attends the monthly meetings of the Sheerni Microcredit project in Setrawa. With this wealth of experience in many of the projects, Vimlesh has gained a great deal of knowledge and is now Director of Sambhali Trust, dealing with the overall daily management of the Trust.

Corinne Rose

Operations Manager/Administrator Sambhali Trust

Corinne first joined Sambhali in December 2008 whilst she was spending 6 months travelling round India. She loved the atmosphere in Sambhali and saw the huge potential that Sambhali had and assisted with everything from developing a Design competition, started the first stall in the Clocktower market to sell the items the women were making in the empowerment centre, facilitating a couple of health camps and assisted with the annual report. She was then invited to renew her visa in 2009 to start a couple of sewing centres for the first graduates of the Jodhpur Empowerment Centre, when she then worked with the 12 women to design and produce items which were then sold on a regular market stall with two of the graduates as sales assistants. A shop was found in 2010 which became Sambhali Boutique and now the women had an outlet to sell their goods. Corinne spent 2 years as the sales assistant as well as running the 2 sewing centres. Eventually, a larger sewing centre was formed, another ex-graduate became the Sales Assistant in the Boutique and Corinne became Manager of the Sewing Centres which continued to develop and receive international orders. Additionally Corinne had also been managing the reports/proposals and the annual reports.

Corinne is from the UK, trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked in hospitals and the community for 15 years followed by a degree in Textile Design and latterly before her move to India she worked as an Arts Administrator for a few years in an Auction House in London. She returned to the UK in June 2014 and has become Administrator for Sambhali Trust since that date dealing mainly with budgets/proposals and reports.

Ernestine Badegruber

Financial Administrator

Ernestine first became aware of Sambhali Trust on a visit to Jodhpur in February 2008 and has supported the progress of Sambhali Trust from its initial beginnings since that day. She has degrees both in Social Work and Business Administration (Controlling & Non-Profit-Management) and has taught Social Management in a University of Applied Science in Austria. She was managing director and counsellor in different NGOs in Austria and in 1995 together with her husband founded „Soziale Initiative“, an organisation offering services for children and families, now employing 350 people in 30 locations all over Upper Austria.

Ernestine has been a member of Sambhali‘s Advisory Board since 2008 and since her retirement from Soziale Initiative in June 2016 she has devoted more time to counselling and as mentor to Sambhali Trust. Together with Peter Demostene of Switzerland she has vastly improved the financial computer data systems of the Trust by developing a Budget Monitoring System for compiling all the financial statistics in one file.

In June 2017 she joined the Central Services Team as Financial Administrator to control the financial reporting and budgeting for all projects except those funded by PADEM. Her heart is particularly with the sewing and sales projects to provide work and income for women in need.

Gurdeep Minhas


Mr Gurdeep Minhas is our chartered accountant. He has more than seven years of professional experience in the area of accounting, auditng and tax related matters. He renders advisory, planning, compliance and audit services for corporates, firms, trusts, individuals and various Govt agencies.

Peter Demostene

IT Consultant

Peter visited the Sambhali Trust for the first time in October 2016. He was immediately enthusiastic about the work being done here, so he decided he would like to support the Trust with computer technical and organizational matters in the area of Finance. After meeting Ernestine Badegruber in February 2017 in Jodhpur, they developed together the Budget Monitoring System compiling all the financial statistics in one file. Now he continues to update the system, enters data and helps to prepare financial reports.

After completing the studies in Politic Economics at the University of Berne in 1975, he travelled to Nepal and India, which opened his spiritual horizon. After returning home he worked at a large company as a System Analyst to develop and implement the new computer technology. In 1979, he introduced the first online computer system for administrations in the public hospitals of the city of Berne. Later, he became vice president, Head of Administration, Office automation and Social services in different Swiss hospitals. From 1996 onwards he introduced new accounting systems in the Federal Administration of Switzerland. Before he retired in 2012 he was head of Finance, IT and Communication in the Federal Office of Metrology. Since 2013 he has been living in Thailand, where now uses as his base to travel around Asia.